Car cover: how to make the right choice

Many people end up being forced to leave the car outdoors, running the risk of having the paint damaged by a series of agents that attack the paint. In addition to the sun and rain, the dreaded drops of hail, vegetable sap or bird droppings are among the great villains in this story. And one feature that exists to defend themselves from them is the bmw e92 car cover , a good outlet for those who do not have a vacancy.But do not go buying the first car cover that appears ahead. You have to take a number of factors into account before you take one home so you do not run the risk of wasting money and marching on the bodywork. One of the most recommended is the one made of textured polyethylene, all lined inside, which even includes the sides.This type of cover also comes with a steel cable and a small padlock, to prevent it from being stolen or flying in the event of a gust. Another item that must be taken into account is the inflatable balloon that must be placed between the hood and the hood, facilitating ventilation. Depending on the size can cost a little over $ 200.Having a good car cover is not enough to ensure that your car’s paint will be well protected. Also remember to use it only if it is not wet or with the engine still warm. This is because moisture that lies on the inside of the cover can not get out because of the waterproof material of the cover.

Car stopped in the garage for a long time? Learn how to take care of it

Among the covers that should be avoided are those made of PVC or polypropylene. Because? It is that they do not resist the sun and may even fall apart as time passes. Also, it should be remembered that cars that have been painted recently or that are poorly maintained paint should not wear cover, since they are not in the right state for either.

Is your car exposed to the sun?

With the proximity of summer, leaving the car outdoors is not a good choice. The hot weather can cause a lot of damage to your car. Check out also other agents that can attack the paint of your car. And see how to avoid unforeseen futures with the effects of sun exposure.Certain drivers suffer when leaving their car outdoors or “sleeping” in the open air, this concern is real, the car is exposed to the sun, bird droppings, vegetable fumes, acid rain and hail falls, all this is part of the nightmare of all drivers who can not park in covered parking spaces.The exposure of the vehicle to the sun causes serious damage to the car and even the driver, since the temperature inside the vehicle can reach 70 ° C. In addition to damaging the paint, the sun damages the interior of the vehicle, such as seats, plastic parts, carpets, handles, bumper and the panel that tends to dry out.For drivers and passengers, the high internal temperature of the car can cause health damage, such as dehydration, hyperthermia and heat shock, in addition to the risk of skin cancer. These are some risks of who exposes themselves in an overheated car. The cars in black, blue, green and red are the ones that suffer most from the heat because they retain more heat.


One of the most aggressive agents to the painting is the bird droppings. It is recommended to always walk with a bottle of water and cloth to remove the waste as soon as possible, especially if the car is exposed to the sun, as the car can become stained. Already the vegetable sap must be removed with hydrocarbon-based solvents, popularly known as tira-grude. In case of acid rain, which ends up corroding the paint and leaving whitish marks, in this situation it is necessary a painting, polishing or even crystallization.Another villain when the car sleeps outdoors is the hail rain. The protection against hail, only a roof over where the car is parked or a cover lined with thick lining to avoid injury.A good protective cover can be a very effective alternative, to protect the painting of the car, however the driver must pay attention to some care and choose well before buying, otherwise you will spend money for nothing and the shot can backfire, or Instead of protecting the car the cover could stain the car’s bodywork. An important tip, the cover should not be placed if the inside is wet or if the car engine is hot. The material is waterproof, so water does not penetrate and in case of misuse, it also does not let moisture come out, causing the stains.


5 Tips to Protect Your Car:

1 – Use the Sun Cap , are designed to absorb heat and reduce the internal temperature of the vehicle

2 – Polishing the car with products that avoid the dryness of the paint;

3 – Films help to reduce the internal temperature of the vehicle;

4 – Attention with leather seats , usually they absorb more heat and can cause damage.

5 – Wear protective car covers, you are safe from scratches and dust accumulation.

Watch out for Benzene!

A car parked in the shade during the day may contain 400 / 800mg of Benzene. If the car is parked under the sun with the temperature above 16 degrees, the benzene level could rise to 2000 / 4000mg, almost 40 times more than the acceptable level.Benzene is used in the manufacture of plastic, in the glues inside the vehicle and can cause cancer, weaken bones, cause anemia, reduce white blood cells and can lead to leukemia. An important tip, when you get into the car it is essential to open the windows and leave them for another 2 minutes, so the benzene is expelled from the car.Do not forget to visit the Tuning Parts pages on social networks and our website ,  Youtube , Facebook and Instagram .


For those who will leave the car for days in the garage or just drive the weekends, there is no doubt: the best way to preserve the vehicle is to cover it with a good cover. After all, there is nothing worse for painting than the accumulation of dust, water or bird feces.There are hundreds of options on the market: there are those with UV protection (UV), with and without lining, permeable and waterproof, reflecting sunlight, fabric, lycra, vinyl, neoprene, synthetic leather, TNT ) with or without padlock, ventilation device etc. All with different sizes, being the most common Small, Medium and Large. “For every use there is an indication, so you have to know what the purpose is,” says José Antonio Veríssimo, a partner at Jaguarauto, a workshop specializing in shop and painting. comments that it is necessary to have criteria, as the inappropriate use of covers can even damage the painting.For him, in many cases the use of covers is even dispensable, because the processes of automotive painting are of excellent quality. “I recommend the crystallization of the painting, which can be done once a year,” says Veríssimo.Among the criteria cited by Veríssimo, the first is to use the cover according to the manufacturer’s specifications. “But regardless of the type, you always have to remember to use it with the clean vehicle, because if it is dirty the dust can scratch the paint when removing the cover,” he explains.Another expert tip is to give preference to overcoats and always make sure the car is dry when covering it. “If it is not dry enough or there is water infiltration it can stain the paint,” says Veríssimo. Another recommendation is to never cover the car with heated engine or body, to avoid possible formation of humidity in the internal part of the cooling.

Garage without cover

For those who do not have covered garage, it is best to wear the raincoats, with UV protection and inner lining. “They are more expensive, and even then we need to periodically check if there is no infiltration or internal moisture,” says Verissimo. In this case, one of the most important items is UV protection, a chemical bath that “waterproofs” the cover against UV rays.

Laundry service

Covered garage owners need not worry about waterproofing. Still, care must be taken, as it is not recommended to use covers that do not absorb moisture. The permeable fabric is only recommended for those who own a closed garage, and do not usually harm the paint because of its malleability.

Shared vacancies

If you leave your car in a public parking lot or live in a condominium, there are options with padlocks. But do not assume that they serve to protect your car from thefts. In fact, they are good choices for those who have classic or rare models, as they prevent curious people from trying to peer into what is beneath.To attach the cover: It is important to remove the antenna and accessories, and the car is clean, dry and cold. The cover should be unfolded on the vehicle longitudinally, in the center, so that the inner part is facing upwards. Then just undo the folds, until it wraps the bumper.To remove the cover: remove excess dust and other substances on the cover. You can wash the cover with water, but you must wait to dry before starting the removal process. It should be folded just as it was opened, from the tips to the center. It is important that the inner part does not touch the outside.Few cars combine with a convertible, four-seat version, like the Mini Cooper. Its playful and entertaining character falls like a glove with the idea of ​​lowering the hood and enjoy a trip outdoors. So, the Mini do Brasil was agile to bring the new generation of Cabrio to Brazil. The car was introduced in November last year at the Tokyo Motor Show (Japan), and now, ten months later, it is already in the stores here for the suggested price of part of R $ 164,950.The Mini Cooper S Cabriolet arrives only in the S version, with 2.0 turbo engine, 192 hp and a good 28.6 kgfm of torque between 1,250 and 4,000 rpm and six-speed automatic sequential gearbox with stems behind the steering wheel for those who cheer up impose a more sportive touch. Following the tradition of English roadsters, the new Mini Cabrio can be customized according to the customer’s taste, as there are several body colors (with or with their decorative bands), stickers and four different shades of seat coverings. The rim 17 wheels are unique to this version with a retractable canopy, with the stylized flag of Great Britain.Compared to the previous generation of the Mini Cabrio, the new one gained a little more space with the wheelbase increased by 28 mm. Even so, in the rear seats, only small children can settle without tightening. However, whoever sits in the front seats comfortable with side supports that can hold the body in the corner and accommodate well. There are no electrical adjustments, but the driving position is perfect. Simply adjust the seat and steering wheel at the optimum height.Because the Mini Cabrio’s footprint is fun, the cabin environment follows the mood with a large central display with a light border that changes color according to a number of variables, such as driving mode adjustment or system volume height. sound from Harman Kardon with 400 watts of power and a 20-gb jukebox for miles and miles of high-fidelity music. The neat finish also pleases, but one has to get accustomed to the bumps caused by the firmer adjustment of the suspension that does not speak the same language as the poorly maintained floor of most Brazilian roads. And it looks like the unit evaluated was without run flat tires , which are offered as options.Given the red button on the dashboard (which flashes as if the car was asking to be turned on) you have three options: fully lowered hood, sunroof or closed mode. All this is controlled by a control on the roof, in an easy way, in exactly 18 seconds, time for the cap to completely cover the car. At least during the first impressions when driving, the cover showed good sound insulation and good sealing. Also worthy of mention is the central screen that shows the GPS information with 3D maps, as well as the application known as “Rain Warner” , which warns that the best place to lean the car in a safe place and close the roof because rain is coming front.


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